About us

PEER GROUP with an office in Prague (Czech Republic) is a Czech engineering company, developer and manufacturer of major units, assemblies and industrialmachinery for machine-building enterprises-manufacturers of automotive andindustrial equipment.

The startof the own unique developments production and constant expansion of the productrange are possible due to the modern high-tech equipment. The company employs engineers with experience at the leading enterprises of Europe.

The PEER GROUP goal is to meet the needs of our customers, from product design andmanufacturing to product delivery and maintenance throughout the product lifecycle.

The PEER GROUP products as part of the major units and assemblies are delivered for aconveyor assembly.


- designand development of products in the field of mechanical engineering;

- production;

- engineering services.

Principles of operation:

- continuous improvement of existing and development of new methods ofprocessing, assembly, quality control and testing of products in order toensure and improve the quality of products, reduce the production cost,including the selection and implementation of modern advanced technologies;

- labororganization with the use of modern methods of production organization;

- introduction of advanced methods and tools of quality management system, leanproduction methods;

- formationof the advanced production system of the enterprise aimed at increasing theadded value, elimination of all types of losses.


The PEER GROUP production program includes the production of components for the automotiveindustry, tractor production, as well as for various engineering industries,including machine tool industry, industrial engineering, electricalengineering, instrumentation and electronics.

Main types ofproducts:

  1. Components for gearboxes, pumps, transmissions and industrial machinery: gears, axle shafts, shaft connections, toothed wheel gears, flywheels, pulleys, hubs, couplings,     flanges;
  2. Mechanical-rubber products: bearing     supports, bushings, membranes, valves, gaskets, sealing compounds, belt drives, rubber bushings;
  3. Electronicequipment, chips, including automotive electronics.